Environmental and Sustainability Education in Pre-Service Teacher Education in Canada: A Case Study


  • Laura Carol Sims Université de St. Boniface
  • Madeleine Asselin
  • Thomas Falkenberg


This qualitative case study examines the effectiveness of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) pedagogical strategies used in two Université de Saint-Boniface pre-service teacher education Curriculum and Instruction courses. The methods used to teach these ESE pedagogical strategies are described. Findings from interviews with former students regarding their perspectives on the effectiveness of these strategies and how they are applying similar strategies in their teaching are presented. Findings suggest that these ESE pedagogical strategies are effective. Questions about efficacy of these strategies, the limitations of their implementation, and the study itself are reflected upon. This study contributes to Evans et al.'s (2017) call for empirical research into the effectiveness of ESE pedagogies and a critical reflection of such research by the researchers.

Author Biography

Laura Carol Sims, Université de St. Boniface

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education