Pathways and pedagogies: Conversations with teacher educators about the role of place-based learning


  • Janet McVittie University of Saskatchewan
  • Geoffrey Webber University of Saskatchewan
  • Laurie-Ann Michelle Hellsten University of Saskatchewan
  • Dianne Miller University of Saskatchewan


This paper further develops a presentation given at The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) Conference in October 2018. The research reported here draws on the interviews of eight prominent teacher educators from Canadian Universities, who were invited to give their perspectives of place-based education in their teacher education programs. Profiles of the interviewees highlight how teacher educators came to, and take up, place-based education. Thematic analysis identified key findings: participants' pathways to place-based education, their choice of terminology, the varied purposes for place-based education, choices of methodologies, and views of structures that affect place-based education. We discuss whether place-based, environmental, and Indigenous education were linked in different teacher education programs in Canada.