Rejoinder: Alternatives to National Standards for Environmental Education: A Response to Roth and McClaren

Arjen E. J. Wals, Tore van der Leij


When the editor asked us to lead-off a debate in this journal on the notion of national standards in environmental education, we could not resist. At a time when everybody in the academic world is pushed to publish (outcome-based), and hardly anyone has time to read, reflect, and engage in dialogue (process-based), it is quite rare that authors get two experienced and highly respected professors in the North American environmental education scene to take the time to critique their ideas. At the same time, we are pleased to learn that two researchers from a neighbouring country seem to support our line of thinking. Judging from the three responses, we do believe that we have succeeded in starting a lively debate on the subject. We welcome the opportunity to clarify our position somewhat, and to justify some of the choices we made?choices which Roth and McClaren critique, but Croizer and von Frenckell seem to support. ...

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