Étude préliminaire des caractéristiques de la sensibilité environnementale chez des enseignantes actives en éducation relative


  • Gloria LeBlanc Robichaud Diane Pruneau, Université de Moncton, Canada


This article presents the process and the results of research aimed at identifying the main indicators of environmental sensitivity. First, a literature review permitted us to list 12 different indicators. Three primary school teachers, particularly involved in EE, were then interviewed so as to verify the presence of these indicators in their discourse. These teachers were chosen as research subjects because, in previous research concerning teacher's professional development in EE, they already showed particular attitudes and skills associated with environmental sensitivity. The analysis reveals that all 12 indicators can be found in the discourses of the subjects. Three of them are however more frequent. These three indicators are all associated to a rich personal relationships with the natural components of the environment. The authors suggest areas to pursue the investigation: using the same interview with a larger sample and identifying indicators of people's relationship with the community.