Environmental Education and Ecofeminist Pedagogy: Bridging the Environmental and the Social


  • Lara Harvester
  • Sean Blenkinsop Simon Fraser University


This paper begins by suggesting that issues of social and ecological justice are not mutually exclusive. They are tied together through the logic of domination which is, in turn, sustained by oppositional value dualisms such man/woman, human/nature, and white/non-white. As such, we suggest that environmental education must deal with the shared logic as opposed to any individual dualism. The body of this paper attempts to respond to this challenge through an exploration of ecofeminism and then an expansion of several components of what might be included in an ecofeminist pedagogy. This exploration focuses on three potential areas of change for environmental education; relationship, structure, and practice by examining the more concrete aspects of dialogue, ecological design theory, the Earth Charter, and assessment.

Author Biography

Sean Blenkinsop, Simon Fraser University

Asst. Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University.