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Call for Proposals Theme: Outdoor Play and Early Learning

Pat Maher (Cape Breton University)
Blair Niblett (Trent University)

The Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE) is pleased to be preparing an interdisciplinary special issue focused on conceptual and theoretical research presented at the Lawson Foundation’s Outdoor Play and Early Learning Policy Research Symposium. This call is both an open call and a call to act as the proceedings of presentations given at the symposium, which was held Oct. 24-26, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

This special issue will provide a forum for symposium participants and others to disseminate new research in the eco-systemic and interdisciplinary field of outdoor play and early learning policy. We are seeking research that addresses barriers and opportunities to increase children’s outdoor play-based early learning in regulated early childhood education and care (ECEC) or publicly-funded elementary school contexts. National and international research that serves as a catalyst to expand outdoor play and early learning policy development in Canada is welcome. Studies that expand the horizons of policy development and implementation related to early learning and outdoor play, from a variety of disciplines, and internationally are encouraged.
All scholars doing research in this area are welcome to submit works for review. Authors who participated in the Outdoor Play and Early Learning Policy Research Symposium should consult the objectives and ecosystem lens documentation that were central to the that event.
Educators who wish to submit a shorter practice-based reflection should contact Pat Maher ( as we have a supplemental special issue underway with Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education.

Further author guidelines (e.g., word length, publication style, process, etc.) are available on the CJEE Open Journal System. Please note that this interdisciplinary issue will broaden the typical environmental education focus of the journal to include all research on outdoor play and early learning policy research. The CJEE editors are available for consultation on submission ideas at

Deadline for Submissions to Friday, February 8th, 2019
Posted: 2018-12-18

Call for Proposals - Themed Issue: Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education

Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education (ESE-TE) remains a critical challenge for faculties of education across Canada. At a time when the impacts of climate change, biodiversity collapse, mass migration, and food and water shortages are increasingly evident throughout the country (Worldwatch Institute, 2018), the roles of educators at all levels of our education system are imperative to help Canadians make cultural and societal shifts to more sustainable forms of living. Teacher educators are key actors in this, given their influence on the education and training of pre-service and in-service teachers.

This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE) invites Canadian teacher educators to share their research on ESE-TE to raise and strengthen the profile of this developing field. Although not exhaustive, several questions arise: How are teacher educators in faculties of education contributing to this shift, from policy, praxiological, philosophical, theoretical, conceptual, methodological, curricular, and pedagogical standpoints? What lessons are being learned? What evaluations are being made? How are they impacting the field as a whole? What challenges are slowing down progress in this field?

The call is inspired by the Research Roundtable on Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education, hosted as part of the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication’s (EECOM) annual conference in Cranbrook, BC. All Canadian teacher educators and scholars doing research in this area are welcome to submit works for review in any of the related discourses, for example – Environmental Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Environmental and Sustainability Education, Place-based Education, Sustainability Education, Nature-based Learning, Eco-Justice Education, or Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Wisdom, in elation to Teacher Education.

Deadline for Submissions: Thursday, February 28th, 2019

For more information, please contact Susan Docherty-Skippen ( Please submit manuscripts through the CJEE author submission process – noting that the manuscript is for the ESE-TE themed issue. Guidelines for submissions, e.g., word length, publication style, etc., can be found on the CJEE website:

Guest Editors - Hilary Inwood, Ph.D. (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto), Douglas

D. Karrow, Ph.D. (Brock University), Laura Sims, Ph.D. (Université de St. Boniface).

CJEE Editors - Emily Root, Ph.D. and Pat Maher, Ph.D. (Cape Breton University).

Posted: 2018-12-12

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