Taking Stock of Canadian Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education Research: Chronicling our Past and Charting our Future

Douglas David Karrow, Patrick Howard


Research activities of the Canadian Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education Standing Committee are the focus of this paper. A history of the Standing Committee’s research activities, a comparison of Canadian with international approaches to ESE-TE research, the identification and prioritizing of a future Canadian ESE-TE research agenda, and a model for developing a research agenda amongst Canadian ESE-TE stakeholders comprise the work. A future research agenda may consist of re-defining ESE; conducting a literature review of Canadian and international ESE-TE research; and reviewing Canadian and international ESE-TE research topics, including: connections between the social and the ecological; teacher ‘identity’ and ‘agency’; urban, digital, interdisciplinary, community-based, and marginalized ESE; teaching/student learning and belief systems; and limitations and challenges in applying research to practice.
Key words: Canadian, environmental and sustainability education, teacher education, research, Standing committee on ESE-TE.

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