Experiments with Lyric Philosophy and the Wilding of Educational Research


  • Bob Jickling Lakehead University
  • Marcus Morse


This project engages Jan Zwicky's lyric philosophy to reach into terrain beyond the bounds of logico-linguistic analysis. The work in this paper, composed primarily of pinhole photographs and written responses to place, consists of a series of ontological experiments made with participants during a Wild Pedagogies gathering in Finse, Norway, in August 2019. Through photographic experiences in the landscape surrounding the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, paired with written text, these experiments interrogate ways to represent places and ideas. In conducting this research, we began with an informal walking workshop on pinhole photography, followed by the making and developing of pictures in-situ. The written expressions of the work are composed of short evocative representations of experience that seek to pivot in the moment and work toward a series of linked, lyric arguments. Keywords: lyric philosophy, Wild Pedagogy, environmental education, pinhole photography, Jan Zwicky

Author Biography

Bob Jickling, Lakehead University

Professor Emeritus, Lakehead University