Theoretical Formulation and Empirical Investigation of a Conceptual Model ofTeachers’ Competence in Environmental Education

Maria Daskolia, Evgenia Flogaitis


This study primarily aimed to suggest a theoretically and empirically valid definition for the construct of teachers’ competence in environmental education. The study wasdesigned and developed in two phases. We first attempted to formulate a hypothetical model of teachers’ competence in environmental education, based on a specification ofthe concept of “competence,” an extensive literature review, and analysis of theoretical considerations and proposed frameworks concerning teachers’ roles, generalcompetencies and professional development in environmental education. This model was then empirically tested by surveying a nationwide sample of Greek secondary educationteachers. The findings of the study indicate a high degree of consensus on the part of the Greek environmental education practitioners concerning the model’s content. As far asthe model’s structure is concerned, we conclude that there should be some alterations in the initially proposed category scheme.

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