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Mac Donald, Marilyn, Simon Fraser University, Canada
MacEachren, Zabe, York University, Canada
Macintyre, Thomas Kloster-Jensen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Education and Competence Studies Group (Colombia)
MacPherson, Seonaigh
MacPherson, Seonaigh, University of Manitoba, Canada
MacRae, Ian J., Wilfred Laurier University
Mahony, Denis, University of Newcastle, Australia
Malone, Karen, University of Wollongong, Australia
Malone, Karen, Monash University, Australia
Mannion, Greg, University of Stirling, Scotland
Marouli, Christina, Technical College of Greece, of Pireas, Greece
Marquis, Geneviève, Environnement Canada, Canada
Martusewicz, Rebecca A., Eastern Michigan University (United States)
Marzolla, A. Michael, Youth Development Advisor, United States
Mathafeng, Tseliso, Lesotho Environmental Education Support Project, South Africa
Maxwell, Mona, University of Manitoba (Canada)
Mayer-Smith, Jolie
Müller, Susanne
McBean, Gordon A., Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada
McClaren, Milton, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
McClaren, Milton, Simon Fraser University, Canada
McKenzie, Marcia, University of British Columbia, Canada
McKenzie, Marcia
McKeon, Margaret (Canada)
McMillan, Barbara, University of Manitoba (Canada)

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