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Nahanee, Chiaxten Wes
Nahanee, Larry (Shucks)
Næss, Arne, Centre for Development and the Environment, Norway
Neegaard, Henrick
Neilson, Alison Laurie
Nelson, Michael Paul, Oregon State University
Nerland, Jørgen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Newbery, Liz, York University, Canada
Newbery, Liz, University of Toronto (Canada)
Niblett, Blair
Niblett, Blair, Lakehead University
Niblett, Blair, Trent University
Niblett, Blair, Trent University (Canada)
Nicol, Robbie, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Nieboer, Evert, McMaster University, Canada
Niel Berlinck, Christian, University of Brasília, Brazil
Nugent, Clare

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